Our Leader

About Rev. Pastor David Nsoesie

Believed in the Apostolic Church in Mamfe in July 1979 as a young student from Secondary School. I have grown to love the Lord and follow Him with great expectation. I was called to Eldership in 1988 and have started churches in Cameroon with only my wife and 5 children which have grown to districts. My faith is founded on the biblical principles of the Apostolic Church Tenets, Rules of Belief and Rules of Conduct. I serve under the spirit of availability and obedience believing that I have been justified by faith after making peace with God through the Cross. I stand to rejoice in hope of the glory of God and also in tribulations, knowing that they will hold me into perseverance that will produce a character acceptable before God. I have a commitment and a calling to influence lives through the power of the TRINITY. I owe a duty to be accountable to the flock of God in word and action and to treat them with dignity and respect. In doing this, I stand to maintain a spiritual growth through the word and self examination and empowerment. I have separated myself from the world, my sins forgiven and I live for Christ. My vision is to make disciples for Christ, people who know Jesus at a PERSONAL LEVEL and have a belonging; building a people with a character and integrity worth of being accepted by the Lord on the day of judgment.

I believe in the 66 books of the bible, both Old and New Testament as inspired by God, having no error as a complete revelation of His will for the salvation of mankind. I believe in the three persons in one God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I have applied this vision already in planting this Church in Laurel, Maryland which is growing steadily both spiritually, numerically, materially and other wise.

God Bless TACNAM Laurel.